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Junior Boom Arm



The Avenger D650 Junior Boom Arm in Chrome Steel Silver is a must have when working with larger fixtures that have a 28 mm/ 1 1/8” junior pin.

This arm easily mounts into any combo stand and is ideal when used on wind-up or super wind-up stands.The D650 has a minimum extension of 163 cm and a maximum extension of 300 cm.

The max load at minimum extension is 40 kg  while the max load when fully extended is 10 kg.

The boom arm comes with a modified 6.7 kg weight to add some counterbalance.

12/day excl. VAT

Technical specifications

  • Weight: 14.8kg
  • Boom Min Extension: 163cm
  • Boom Max Extension: 300cm
  • Payload: 40kg
  • Load capacity at Maximum Extension: 10kg
  • Top Attachment: 1 1/8″ (28mm) socket, 5/8″ (16mm) stud.


  • Avenger D650 Junior Boom Arm