Pick up and drop off hours ?

You may pick up the equipment the day before your rental day between 14pm – 18pm and return the equipment the day after your rental day between 9am – 12am.

What do I need for the pick up ?

Come by and bring your ID.
For the first renting you will have to fill out the new customers form, so please consider it could take a little time. Specially if you rent equipment you don’t know we do also take some time to explain how it works.

Does the displayed price include VAT?

Not all prices are excluding VAT. In Belgium VAT rate is 21%.

Do I have to pay a guarantee ?

No, you don’t pay an guarantee, only the rental price.

Do I have get a discount for several days ?

Yes, the price decrease following the number of days.

  • 2 consecutive days count for x 1,7
  • 3 consecutive days count for x 2,3
  • 4 consecutive days count for x 2,9

What is the extra fee if I return the equipment too late ?

Unfortunately we will have to charge an extra day if you drop it off later.
But don’t hesitate to contact us if you have trouble to bring it back in time, this way we may take it into consideration.

Do I have to pay for weekend and public holiday ?

If there is a weekend or a public holiday in your rental period, we count it as a rental day.

Do you offer student discount ?

Yes ! 20% off on all product.
You only need to present your student ID card from your photo or video school.

Is my equipment insured ?

Yes, but there is a self behalf of 600€ on rental equipment.
Damages due to improper handling, damages caused by water, theft in your car are not insured!

Is a broken bulb charged ?

Yes, broken bulbs will be charged. Only normal use isn’t charged.

How do you handle canceled jobs ?

If the job is canceled 72 hours before pick up the cancelation will be free of charge. If a job is being canceled later we can charge up to 50% of the rental amount according to our rentalterms. If a Job is been canceled after pick up it will be charged for the day it´s been out.


You don’t find the answer of your question in our F.A.Q. ?
No problem, you can reach us via the little question mark right down of this page.

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