Unique LED lights with true Fresnel performance

The L5 is the perfect companion for more mobile lighting and ideal for cramped location shoots and interview setups. Its compact size and low weight allows the L5 to be rigged in tight places and hung from low ceilings. The L5 is as bright as a 450 W tungsten Fresnel, but only consumes 115 W. When compared to the L7, the L5 is half the weight and size.

75/dag excl. BTW

Technical specifications:

  • Power: 115W
  • Optical system: focusable Fresnel
  • Beam angle: 14° to 50° half peak angle
  • White light: 2800K to 10.000K
  • Colored light: continuously adjustable
  • Dimming: 0 to 100% continuous


  • L5-C Led Fresnel